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Campaign Desk


Campaign furniture saw great utility during war time. In particular, during the Civil War. Consider the importance of being able to pick up the military base quickly to advance or retreat. Campaign Furniture consists of a variety of furniture aimed at bringing some comfort to the officers in the field. This style of furniture is having a revival here in the 21st Century, as it is compact, easy to move and adds a unique and stylish nostalgia to any home or office decor. 

This Campaign Desk was commissioned by a customer as a gift to her son-in-law - and what a fun gift it was! And as equally fun to design and construct.  This piece is made from Sapele wood (in the Mahogany family) with a Spalted Maple inlay on the top surface. True to its original purpose, this double pedestal desk quickly comes apart into 3 sections and has two solid brass bail handles on each pedestal for easy transport. Dove tail drawers, under-mount drawer slides and solid brass drawer pulls and corner protectors

add nice finishing touches to the overall appearance.

THE SECRET: This desk has Giuseppe's signature hidden compartments built in, and open with the push of a button known only to the owner.

There are two...Can you spot them?

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